Steps we will take to plan your launch…

Planning the Launch 

  1. What are your goals? We will begin with aligning your goals
  2. Decide what the offer will include.  We will help you with choosing between content, promotion, bonuses, etc.
  3. Prepare. We will help you choose the size of your campaign.
  4. Lets think outside the box. We will help you with creativity for your campaign launch
  5. When do you want to launch? We will help you set a date and time for your launch.


  1. Campaign creation. We will align your goals and our creativity to create something outstanding
  2. Create an emotional connection We will make sure to reach your audience in the most unforgettable way
  3. Desire We will make sure to create a desire for your campaign
  4. Gain commitment early We will test the waters early on
  5. Get early results We will see how were doing
  6. Create marketing materials We will create all marketing collateral
  7. Originality We will make it yours
  8. Pre-Results How are we doing?


  1. Follow up We will launch your Campaign
  2. Watch progress How is it going?
  3. Make any adjustments needed Can we do better
  4. respond Was your camping what you were expecting


  1. Wrap it up Finalize the launch
  2. Congrats! You did it!
  3. Your campaign launch is completed
  4. final follow up